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Schelly Olson

Schelly Olson

60500 US HIGHWAY 40, Box 338 GRANBY, CO 80446

60500 US HIGHWAY 40, Box 338
CO 80446
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  • Grand Fire Protection District No. 1
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I am currently the Assistant Chief of Administration, Community Risk Reduction, and the Wildland Fire Mitigation Specialist/PIO, responsible for all aspects of Fire Prevention, Education and Public Information for Grand Fire Protection District No. 1 in Grand County, Colorado. I became occupied and concerned with Colorado’s wildland fire threat after the Lower North Fork Fire in 2012. I started a campaign in my own fire district using Firewise, a customized Ready, Set, Go! Action Guide, and Fire Adapted Community materials. I spent a year updating the district’s 2009 CWPP. After the devastating fires of Waldo Canyon and Black Forest, I wanted to do more for my community, not just limited to my own fire district, so I formed the Grand County Wildfire Council. I designed and created, the website “helping Grand County residents and visitors live and play more safely with the threat of wildfire” with the help of a local Grand Foundation grant. I recruited volunteers and agency representatives to form a Board of Directors to establish goals, objectives and action plans for the Council. I am the Chairman of this non-profit organization, working collaboratively with members from local, state, and federal government agencies; local fire departments; homeowner groups; businesses; and concerned citizens in promoting wildfire prevention, preparedness, mitigation, and survival through education and action. We have created a regular news column in the local paper called “Fully Involved” that addresses a range of fire prevention, preparedness, mitigation, and survival techniques, including fire adapted concepts. I have participated in wildfire events, incident exercises and the wildfire academy incident management team as a PIO. I recently completed the NFPA course “Assessing Wildfire Hazards in the Home Ignition Zone” and am enthusiastically meeting with homeowners to discuss how they can create a fire adapted home. I am responsible for all finances of both Grand Fire and the Wildfire Council, including budgeting, payroll, accounts payable and receivable, grants and investments. I could not do it without the help and collaboration of my fire department, community volunteers and agency representatives. One person alone cannot do it all, but I am a key leader; a sparkplug, in creating change in Grand County, the state of Colorado and ultimately the nation.

Grand County Wildfire Council

9-1-1 Addressing Task Force

To evaluate, coordinate and enhance GIS addressing data for the accurate searching, naming, identifying, and posting of Grand County Roads and Addresses for all hazard response and recovery and community risk assessment.