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Susan Powers

Susan Powers

Albuquerque, NM 87107

  • Communications/outreach
  • Community Wildfire Protection Plans
  • Firefighter/ Fire department
  • Firewise Communities / Defensible space
  • Wildfire risk assessment
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  • Bernalillo County Fire & Rescue
  • IAFF Local 244

Structural and wildland firefighter with 20+ years of experience. Currently working for a county fire department and trying to build a wildland program that is heavy on preparedness, prevention, education and then response.

Despite years of risk and response, the wildland fire program at Bernalillo County is still in its infancy. We are currently working toward building a standing team in hopes that it will become a division of fire & Rescue at some point in the future.

We have been working closely with the State of New Mexico, Forestry Division; as well as USFS, Cibola National Forest, Sandia District, and adjoining municipal and county agencies. Within Bernalillo County, there is only one community recognized as Firewise, and several communities are working toward Firewise and/or Fire adapted community strategies.

As a prospective “Wildland Coordinator,” I am trying to build community contacts and increase public awareness as well as working with other County agencies to plan for WUI events that are sure to affect the community at some point in the future.

Team building

At this time, all projects are on the drawing board only and are awaiting cooperation and funding from County Administration before any can be launched.