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Talking Talons Youth Leadership


Talking Talons Youth Leadership

12165 Suite B8 New Mexico 14 Cedar Crest, NM 87008

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12165 Suite B8 New Mexico 14
Cedar Crest
NM 87008

Talking Talons Youth Leadership is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) youth development organization working to transform generations of environmental leaders through experiences with nature. Our youth leadership curriculum is nationally recognized and is proven effective in enhancing the lives of its young participants by instilling a sense of civic duty, providing a mission that youth can believe in, and teaching skills that will benefit a lifetime. Non-releasable wildlife are brought into the classroom and have proven to be very effective teaching tools that build knowledge, skills and attitudes in our youth. We support sanctuary for these non-releasable wildlife through our partners who rehabilitate and care for them.

OUR MISSION: To elevate youth and the community to become effective advocates and ethical stewards of themselves, wildlife, habitats and the environment.

OUR VISION: Healing the planet by transforming generations of leaders through nature.

Talking Talons Youth Leadership is serving its community in powerful, effective ways:
-Building young leaders through environmental education and training in public speaking
-Educating youth in science-based conservation through long-term, in-school programs
-Providing hands-on conservation education and job-skills training at diverse outdoor classroom locations
-Engaging youth and the community in wildlife habitat improvement projects
-Managing community-based projects that benefit ecosystems and reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfires
-Generating local jobs, volunteer and first-time employment opportunities at our non-profit Talking Talons Thrift Store

Collaborative Forest Restoration Program (CFRP)

Talking talons acted as Grant Manager for multi-year wildlife habitat improvement project that required habitat restoration implementation along with youth engagement (won environmental excellence award). We have also developed a CFRP curriculum and appoint educators to partner organizations working on CFRP projects.

Forest Stewards Guild Collaboration

Education outreach with fire awareness/prevention curriculum targeted at 6th grade students in the Grants, Gallup and Zuni School Districts. The program focuses on fire ecology and its role in forest health.