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USAA strives to educate our members and their neighbors about the significant risk wildfires present to the lives and physical property in their communities. Our focus is on pre-event mitigation, promoting evacuation planning, and assisting our members with handling their claims in the event they incur a loss due to wildfire.

USAA seeks to provide members with education and incentives through the use of effective messaging strategies that combine traditional media along with new channels such as partnerships with credible experts such as NFPA, use of content marketing, social media and innovative approaches that resonate with our members and drive action. When members do take steps to mitigate their risk through individual and collective action, USAA will provide incentives to reward their efforts financially through the Firewise discount and acknowledgement by attending Firewise recognition ceremonies, presentations at HOA meetings, featuring member success stories, and participating in volunteer events.

USAA has adopted a loss prevention and safety approach that prioritizes the life safety of our members based on the direction provided by our CEO Stuart Parker. The 3 elements of this important program include: educating members about the threat of wildfire to their families and steps they can take to protect their homes to make them more resilient; ensuring all members have an emergency plan in place that they communicate to all family members and practice executing along with a well-supplied emergency kit and “go” bag that includes important documents and irreplaceable items such as family photos and mementos; and that members heed evacuation notifications by public officials in a timely manner when an active wildfire is threatening their home and know where to go to find shelter and remain in place until the threat is over.

Firewise Discount for Homeowners Insurance

The Departments of Insurance in 7 states have approved filings by USAA to give homeowners insurance discounts to USAA members living in communities recognized by the Firewise Communities/USA® program. This discount applies to policies issuing or renewing on the following dates in the states listed below: California - Policies effective on or after 10/1/2014 Colorado - Policies effective on or after 5/30/2015 Texas - Policies effective on or after 6/30/2015 Arizona - Policies effective on or after 2/15/2016 Oregon – Policies effective on or after 6/30/2016 New Mexico - Policies effective on or after 1/1/2017 Utah - Policies effective on or after 1/5/2017 For more information on how the discount works in your state and who is eligible, please contact Rob Galbraith by call or text at (210) 913-5275 or e-mail at

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Community Involvement

USAA seeks to partner with federal, state, and local agencies and non-profits to educate homeowners and communities about the threat of wildfire and what proactive steps can be done to reduce the threat to lives and property. USAA provides online resources and printed materials and accepts requests to speak at community events in partnership with other agencies and organizations. In addition, USAA leverages its internal volunteer website to broadcast opportunities to assist with local fuels projects and Firewise days. For more information, please contact Rob Galbraith by call or text at (210) 913-5275 or e-mail at

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Wildfire Response Program

The USAA Wildfire Response Program enlists Wildfire Defense Systems (WDS), an association of professional wildland firefighters, to help eligible members protect their homes in the event of a wildfire by policy endorsement at no charge. If a wildfire is in the area, WDS will monitor its activity and may take non-destructive, proactive measures to protect homes. The Wildfire Response Program is another way USAA help members protect their biggest investment — their home. WDS is a group of certified wildland firefighters with thousands of training hours and extensive experience battling wildfires. It has a fleet of wildfire engines and the right tools and equipment needed to fight wildfires in 15 states. WDS's certified wildland firefighters will attempt to go into evacuation zones and may try to close windows and garage doors, move wood piles and debris away from homes, clear gutters and roof debris and monitor hot spots to prevent flare-ups. If conditions become too dangerous for firefighters to enter the area or access the home, USAA homeowners or rental property insurance will pay for any covered loss that may occur — even for members not enrolled in the program. WDS firefighters will attempt to protect enrolled homes, but there is no guarantee that their actions will prevent damage. Members with an applicable USAA homeowners or rental property insurance policy for a home located in one of the 15 eligible states can enroll. There are no eligibility restrictions based on home value. Condos, townhomes, cooperatives, apartments and mobile homes are not eligible for this program. USAA is currently piloting a program in 2017 to work with state and local agencies on deploying WDS resources to assist with fuels projects and other wildfire prevention activities. For more information, please contact Rob Galbraith by call or text at (210) 913-5275 or e-mail at

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