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The WiRē Team is a partnership between wildfire practitioners and researchers that focuses on innovation and improving understanding of cutting-edge efforts to improve the integration of social science-based approaches into programs that aim to mitigate wildfire risk to WUI communities.

Our group brings diverse expertise in economics, sociology, and wildfire risk mitigation to a multiyear research project on homeowner wildfire risk mitigation and community wildfire adaptedness. Together, we’re building a path to fire adaptation paved with strong researcher-practitioner partnerships, applied social science, and wise investments.

The WiRē Center is an outgrowth of the the WiRē Team that focuses on the service of helping communities and practitioners implement the findings and approaches developed by the WiRē Team, both directly and through science delivery and outreach.

Research Publications

Our researcher-practitioner collaboration supports investigations that address academic and applied concerns jointly. This page lists WiRē’s studies published in the peer-reviewed literature, as well as publications from related collaborations involving our individual group members (in bold). Please contact the WiRē authors directly for access to any of these articles, if needed.

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Data Reports

Our research demonstrates that each community has its own unique relationship with wildfire. Accordingly, our approach emphasizes collecting community-specific data to develop an understanding of each community’s unique characteristics and needs. This page lists published data reports describing each of these efforts. These reports reflect an evolution in our communication: earlier reports include more narrative, whereas more recent reports emphasize visual results. Each report ends with a “codebook” that details descriptive statistics for each survey’s results.

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The WiRē team regularly presents on our approach, findings, and outcomes to diverse audiences, including practitioner groups, academic conferences, and other stakeholders.

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