Mechanical fuels reduction as well as controlled burning are priorities for the Florida Forest Service, one recipient of the 2015 Wildfire Mitigation Awards. Photo credit: Florida Forest Service

Network Members Recognized for Outstanding Work

By: Wendy Fulks

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Last week four of our Fire Adapted Communities Coalition partners announced the 2015 Wildfire Mitigation Award Winners. The National Association of State Foresters, the National Fire Protection Association, the International Association of Fire Chiefs and the USDA Forest Service issued a press release (see below) stating that the awards “are the highest national honor one can receive for outstanding work and significant program impact in wildfire preparedness and mitigation.”

The list of winners includes a number of familiar names, including several that have been engaged in the Network. We look forward to learning more from all of these FAC leaders!

“Twenty-One Individuals and Organizations Honored for Superlative Fire Protection Efforts in their Communities

WASHINGTON—The Wildfire Mitigation Awards Committee is pleased to announce the 2015 Wildfire Mitigation Award winners. Established in 2014, in response to an overwhelming number of great wildfire mitigation program efforts across the nation, the Wildfire Mitigation Awards are the highest national honor one can receive for outstanding work and significant program impact in wildfire preparedness and mitigation.

The Wildfire Mitigation Awards are jointly sponsored by the National Associations of State Foresters (NASF), the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and the USDA Forest Service.

The three categories for the awards include:

  • Community Wildfire Preparedness Pioneer
  • Fire Adapted Communities Fire Service Leadership
  • Wildfire Mitigation Innovation

These awards are designed to recognize outstanding service in wildfire preparedness and safety across a broad spectrum of activities and among a variety of individuals and organizations. By honoring their achievements, the award sponsors also seek to increase public recognition and awareness of the value of wildfire mitigation efforts.

The winners of the inaugural Wildfire Mitigation Awards are:

Community Wildfire Preparedness Pioneer Awardees
Ann Grant
Nevada Fire Safe Council & Nevada Network of Fire Adapted Communities
Reno, Nevada

Tom Burns
Warm Springs Mesa Neighborhood Association
Boise, Idaho

Ken & Nancy Hasse
Logtown Fire Safe Council & El Dorado County Fire Safe Council
Diamond Springs, California

Judy Winzell
Falls Creek Ranch Home Owners Associations
Durango, Colorado

Fire Adapted Communities Fire Service Leadership Awardees
Chris Barth
Bureau of Land Management
Montrose, Colorado

Colorado Springs Wildfire Mitigation Section
Colorado Springs Fire Department/City of Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Florida Forest Service—Okeechobee District
Okeechobee, Florida

Jerry McAdams
Boise Fire Department
Boise, Idaho

Gregory McLaughlin
New Jersey Forestry Services-Forest Fire Service
Trenton, New Jersey

Eric L. Mosley
Georgia Forestry Commission- Oconee District
Milledgeville, Georgia

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension’s Living With Fire Program
Reno, Nevada

Thomas Spencer
Texas A&M Forest Service
College Station, Texas

Wildfire Mitigation Innovation Awardees
West Region Wildfire Council
Montrose, Colorado

Saws and Slaws
Boulder County, Colorado

Travis Lipp, Jerry Derr and Lieutenant Tim Weaver
Bureau of Land Management; Meade County, South Dakota; Rapid City Fire Department, Rapid City, South Dakota

Mitigation and Prevention Department
Texas A&M Forest Service
College Station, Texas

Irene Jerome
Grant County, Oregon

Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization
Kamuela, Hawaii

Florida Forest Service—Caloosahatchee District
Fort Myers, Florida

Flagstaff Fire Department- Wildland Fire Management Division
Flagstaff, Arizona

Pam Wilson, Executive Director
Firewise of Southwest Colorado & Local Firewise Council
Durango, Colorado

Awards will be presented at the IAFC Wildland-Urban Interface Conference (WUI) in Reno, Nevada on Wednesday, March 25, 2015.”


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