New FAC Learning Network Video

By: Wendy Fulks

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Type: Tools / Resources

Impressive. That’s the word that kept going through my mind while I was participating in the fire adapted communities learning exchange between members of the Austin, Texas and Boise, Idaho fire departments in February. I was impressed with the participants’ passion and knowledge, their willingness to share and listen, the diversity of the group, and – perhaps most of all — their patience with the video crew I hired to document the occasion.

We developed the video and this compilation of lessons learned specifically for other WUI fire departments. Jerry McAdams, Justice Jones and the other participants from Austin and Boise did a terrific job talking on camera, sharing their views, insights, stumbles and successes.


Learn more about the exchange.

We were also recently inspired to create a Twitter account for the Network. We will tweet about general FAC topics and best practices, and highlight FAC and wildfire news from Network members (we previously did some of this from @Nature_Fire). Follow us @FACLNetwork.

Please help us by sharing this video widely and subscribing to our new YouTube channel, and contribute your impressions in the comments below.

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