Put your FAC and fire messaging skills to the test; take this quiz today! Photo: Jason Houston, The Nature Conservancy

New quiz! How good are you at talking about fire?

By: Allison Jolley

Topic: Communications / Outreach

Type: Quiz

Put your FAC communication skills to the test; take this five-question quiz!

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2 thoughts on “New quiz! How good are you at talking about fire?”

  1. Tim Kirkpatrick says:

    Fire resistant structural hardening techniques, is a load of bull. We are not engineers or architects nor are we general contractors.

    I am a FF and Haz Mat tech with a M.A. in Org. Dev..

    I do talk about flammability issues, including house construction from the ignition side of the risks. I also talk about reducing fire spread hazards.

    You need to look at many of these answers for some much better social communication levels.

  2. Pam Leschak, National WUI Program Manager, USFS says:

    Tim, you don’t have to be a contractor, engineer or architect to do or teach home hardening techniques. Take a look at the work of IBHS’s Dr. Steve Quarles and retired FS scientist Dr. Jack Cohen’s work which discusses, in layman’s terms, some simple things that can help harden structures. Fire adaptation is not just about hazardous fuels treatments (embers traveled 5 miles during the Chimney Tops fire), it’s about the whole suite of practices that reduce risk to structures and communities in the WUI. Thanks,

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