Photo Credti: Check below for a newly released video summarizing the Pacific Northwest learning exchange!

I am very excited to finally release the short video about our Pacific Northwest learning exchange that took place in spring of 2016. If you need more context for the learning exchange, read about the exchange’s events in Bend and Ashland. The video captures short interviews with participants of the exchange. Interviewees offer insights about their favorite parts of the exchange, discuss what makes a learning exchange format so awesome and share advice they have for others who want to host one themselves.

The video makes a short stop at each of the locations we explored during the exchange: Bend, Oregon; Ashland, Oregon; and Leavenworth, Washington.  These three stops took place over four months.

We got to talk about the recent successful burn on private land with the landowner who was a participant in the Exchange series.

During the tour, we talked about the recent successful burn on private land with the landowner, who was a participant in the exchange series. Credit: Emily Troisi, Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network

This series was a success because of the people involved and the work they put into planning it. As you will see in the video, participants loved that they took part in the planning, as it ensured that they learned what they wanted to learn and didn’t just go on your standard field tour. They also appreciated the small group time where they could discuss the FAC strategies that they were seeing on the ground, and they walked away with action items of their own!

Three participants pose while on a tour of a biomass plant, hardhats and all!

During the exchange, participants toured the Biomass Plant in Jackson County, Oregon. Credit: Michelle Medley-Daniel, Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network

Every location approaches fire adapted communities practices in their own unique way. The beauty of an exchange is that the participants and the hosts get to leave the event with new ideas on how to broaden their FAC work and contacts they can call for help.

Now, enjoy the tour!

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