There is a role for everyone in fire adapted communities.  From community members to businesses and utilities to land managers, we can all contribute to community wildfire adaptation.

It is imperative that the whole community is considered when moving fire adaptation work forward.  It is important to ask who is at the table and who you could be working with on your FAC efforts. Practitioners working on smoke outreach, for example, might want to partner with public health officials, a local tourism group or chamber of commerce, and local politicians. It is helpful to have the support and input from partners who may also be able to share the workload. Similarly, they have expertise in other areas, know critical cultural brokers, and may bring up important considerations different from your own or that hadn’t occurred to you yet.

Note that this graphic doesn’t say WHAT each group should take on; we don’t want to limit or silo people or organizations and the context in each place will be different.

Some people or groups may fit in more than one group. Some people may work outside their traditional roles. This graphic is not comprehensive, but rather a snapshot of the types of partners we could all be engaging in our FAC work.

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