This graphic was designed to help explain the fire adapted communities (FAC) framework. It describes a set of components that make up community wildfire adaptation, and gives examples of specific programs and activities that communities can undertake to reduce their wildfire risk and increase their resilience. Remember, FAC is not a one-size-fits-all approach; every community’s journey to living better with fire is unique. This graphic was created by the FAC Learning Network with input from community-based practitioners from across the United States.

This is version two of the graphic (produced April 2021) and is the most up-to-date. Also available are two other versions of the graphic with different highlighted sections so you can pick and choose the layers that help you convey what FAC means in your community. Stay tuned for more versions of the graphic to be made available.

Please read the facilitator’s guide (click on the download button below) for tips about how to use the graphics. The guide covers what they depict, when to use them, who they are for and important notes.

To download the individual graphics, click on the hyperlinks below. When the image opens in a new tab, right click the image and click “save image as”. This will open a box on your computer that will allow you to save the file. 

  1. Full FAC graphic (PNG)
  2. FAC framework components (PNG)
  3. Examples of specific programs or actions in each component (PNG)
  4. (Grayscale) Full FAC graphics (PNG) 
  5. (Grayscale) FAC framework components (PNG)
  6. (Grayscale) Examples of specific programs or actions in each component (PNG)

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