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Our Strategy for Promoting Wildfire AdaptationMan is videotaped

The Nature Conservancy and The Watershed Research and Training Center are partnering with the USDA Forest Service and five Department of the Interior agencies to help address our nation’s wildfire challenges.

Learning networks are ideal vehicles for addressing complex issues such as wildland fire adaptation. The Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network (FAC Net) is designed to spread the best ideas and approaches to building wildfire resilience in communities throughout the U.S.

When the FAC Net was launched in 2013—with eight diverse communities and organizations representing a wide range of places across the country—the intention was to use those locations as centers of excellence from which to grow a network of people and places committed to becoming better adapted to fire. Central to the effort has been the strategy of engaging FAC practitioners to be not only the people who take action in their own communities, but who carry and spread the message to their peers in other places.

By creating a network of FAC practitioners, we are able to elevate real-life examples—and the people who engage in fire adapted communities practices on a daily basis become the messengers for the cause.

Press Inquiries

Nick Goulette is available for interviews about U.S. wildfire issues and solutions.

Read Nick’s August 27, 2015 testimony to the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.


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Fact Sheet (October 2015)

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