We plan to feature seasonally appropriate resources and beautiful photos from members and partners in our newsletter. Small-diameter Douglas fir thinned in Montana for use as a Christmas tree, December 2015. Photo Credit: L. Greenwood

Sign up for our New FAC Net Newsletter Today!

By: Leigh Greenwood

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The FAC Learning Network is launching an email newsletter and we would like you all to sign up right now! The newsletter will feature our best resources, selected blogs from the month, seasonal reminders, photos, and news from around the wildfire world. In order to be sure you’ll receive the first newsletter (scheduled for mid-February) you need to sign up here!

Do you want more information about our newsletter? Here’s a quick rundown:
  • How often will the newsletter run?
    We are hoping to issue a newsletter each third Wednesday of the month (roughly).
  • Who can sign up for the newsletter?
    Any person that is interested in learning more about fire adapted communities concepts may sign up. We are not restricting the list in any way.
  • What will the newsletter contain that will make it special?
    We’ll be working hard to make the newsletter a collection of timely and important information, ranging from the most noteworthy blogs to news stories you might have missed.
  • Can I promote my meeting/product/idea/experience in your newsletter?
    The newsletter will definitely feature content submitted by its readers, and vetted by FAC Net staff. Please email Emily at (Emily[at]thewatershedcenter.com) to suggest a story.
  • How is it different from the FAC Net Blog subscription?
    When you subscribe to the blog you get an email alert immediately after a new post is created so you will never miss a post! The newsletter however will be sent once per month and blog postings will only be one section of it, as noted above.
  • Why do we need you to sign up individually?
    To prevent rampant spam and abuse, email newsletter programs (such as MailChimp, the service we are using) do not permit bulk uploading lists for new newsletters. It is against their terms. So please, sign yourself up using the simple form above!

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