Topic: Resilience Type: Tools / Resources

Social Science Resources for FAC Practitioners

Authors: Michelle Medley-Daniel

People working together is at the heart of a fire adapted community. A fire adapted community is more than preparedness, more than response capability, more than recovery; it is all those things and more. Fire adapted communities have to bring their relationship to fire into their culture. Because of this, wildfire social science is critical to helping understand these human dynamics.

Over the years, the Joint Fire Science Program has funded social science projects related to fire. Check out these research projects that explore some of the human dimensions:

Social Science at the Wildland Urban Interface: Creating Fire-Safe Communities

The Role of Adaptive Capacity in Creating Fire Adapted Human Communities

Community Wildfire Protection Plans: Enhancing Collaboration and Building Social Capacity

Evaluation Communication Strategies and Local Partnerships: Methods for Reducing Fuels, Sharing Responsibility, and Building Trust

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