Summer 2015 Network Update

Authors: Wendy Fulks

This time of year, with wildfires raging in parts of the West, the need for a new fire approach, or paradigm, is crystal clear. A new General Technical Report, Wildland Fire Management Future: Insights from a Foresight Panel, says it well:

As conditions change, the traditional fire prevention and suppression approach to wildland fire management will prove unsustainable…. A new fire resilience approach is emerging as an alternative to traditional viewpoints and practices.

And while the report doesn’t use the term “fire adapted communities,” the FAC work that practitioners across the nation are doing is clearly tied into the new fire resilience approach the authors reference.

So this seems like a good time to take stock of what the FAC Learning Network has accomplished over the past six months or so. This handout provides updates from the Network and its members, as well as success stories and lessons learned from communities around the country. Quotes from our annual workshop capture some of what members value about the Network.

The value of the network is hard to quantify, but equally hard to overstate. The communication and sharing between network members, conversations with our liaison, and lessons learned from others have been invaluable. Even ‘small’ questions and contacts have fostered a more connected network so it is easier to call with ‘big’ questions!

The document discusses FAC Net’s relationship with the USDA Forest Service and the introduction of Communities of Practice. It also highlights members’ involvement in the 2015 Wildfire Community Preparedness Day, and much more.

Please check out and share this report!

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