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  1. Lessons Learned from a Successful Year of FAC Outreach

    FAC Network Participant

    The morning of our first Firewise Demonstration Day, I wondered, “Is anybody going to show up?” I had learned many lessons from our first Chipper Day the previous year… Read More

  2. Building FAC Skills: Collaborative Learning Training Program

    FAC Network Participant

    In the fall of 2014, Gloria Erickson, Dovetail Partners’ Local Fire Adapted Communities Coordinator, attended a Collaborative Learning Training Program (CLTP) workshop at… Read More

  3. Fire Adapted Communities: On the Front Lines in Ely, Minnesota

    BY: Ashley McFarland , Gloria Erickson

    Each community in every region has its own relationship to wildfire risks. There are common themes – wildfire season, fuel loading, preparedness plans, etc. – but local… Read More