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  1. Evacuation Drill Serves as “Hook” for FAC Outreach

    Michelle Medley-Daniel

    Effective storytelling can motivate and engage your audience in ways that facts and figures can’t. Earlier this year, Michelle Medley-Daniel provided tips for telling stories… Read More

  2. FAC Network at the WUI Conference

    FAC Network Participant

    Fire adapted communities… Read More

  3. Getting a Great Turnout (Part 3): coordinate an effective media strategy

    FAC Network Participant

    Working with local media before and after your event helps increase audience turnout and share successes afterward.… Read More

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  4. Getting a Great Turnout (Part 2): Create an Interactive Agenda

    BY: Michelle Medley-Daniel

    Last week I highlighted how recruiting an engaging keynote speaker can help increase turnout at your next planned event.  This week I dig into another successful ingredient… Read More

  5. Lessons in Community Engagement from North Lake Tahoe

    BY: Forest Schafer , Forest Schafer

    A community meeting is a great way to get input on a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP), and can also build new personal connections and recruit community leaders.… Read More