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Using Social Media to Engage Your Community Around FAC

Authors: Emily Troisi

Social media. It sometimes feels like it is something everyone is “supposed to do,” whether for networking, outreach or just garnering attention for the work you do. And in the past eight to ten years, it has shifted from something for just college students into something that everyone–from teens to grandparents, big businesses to small non-profits, and everyone in between–must use. Recognizing that there are good and bad reasons to use social media, as well as important strategies and more effective ways to engage people in this medium, FAC Net decided to use its latest webinar for Core Members to discuss how social media is used today, and learn how some of our members use social media effectively in their FAC outreach.

Leigh Greenwood from The Nature Conservancy’s Don’t Move Firewood campaign gave two presentations, one short summary on the state of social media today and a longer presentation on using social media to encourage behavior change. Two important lessons from Leigh’s presentations were: knowing your audience is key in crafting effective messaging, and knowing who you most want to reach should drive which social media platform(s) you use. Leigh stressed that social media is a good way to connect professionally, and provided tips on how to craft good messages to reach your target audience.

Additionally, Karuna Greenberg from the Salmon River Restoration Council and Ashley Lara from the Jackson County Fire District 3 gave short presentations about how they use social media in their outreach. Ashley presented on how they use Facebook and Twitter to reach various audiences, while Karuna gave examples about how she uses Facebook during wildfire incidents. These presentations demonstrated the value of social media in communicating with key audiences before, during and after fire events.

How do you use social media in your FAC work? Please comment below!

2 thoughts on “Using Social Media to Engage Your Community Around FAC”

  1. Nextdoor.com is another good social media platform. It’s like Facebook but for neighborhoods. In addition to being a good neighbor-neighbor communication tool, public agencies such as fire and police departments, can share information with specific neighborhoods rather than more widely on Facebook, Twitter etc. https://nextdoor.com/about_us/

    1. Emily Troisi says:

      Thanks for sharing Matt!

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