Watershed Resilience & FACs: Quick Guides Now Available

By: Lenya Quinn-Davidson

Topic: Watershed protection / management

Type: Tools / Resources

We are pleased to release our first set of FAC Learning Network quick guides! This four-part series, which focuses on Increasing Watershed Resilience to Promote Fire Adapted Communities, provides community leaders with new ideas and inspiration for developing watershed-wide forest resiliency and restoration programs. The quick guides are based on examples and insights from four communities in the West: Ashland, Oregon; Santa Fe, New Mexico; the Upper South Platte in Colorado; and Flagstaff, Arizona. The guides provide details on strategies and projects that have worked in those places, and they also emphasize the need for site-specific innovation in programs that are just getting off the ground.

Through our quick guides, we aim to provide the FAC community with user-friendly technical guidance that is rooted in the experiences and successes of Network members. Quick guides will highlight best practices, lessons learned and practitioner tips and recommendations, and provide other useful tools around issues of interest and concern.

 Have a topic or issue that would make a great quick guide? Please let us know!

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One thought on “Watershed Resilience & FACs: Quick Guides Now Available”

  1. Rebecca Samulski says:

    These are great! I just got a chance to read through the all, and what an amazing job of summarizing and providing a useful tool. A lot of pieces of watershed restoration opportunities that I have heard in the past from CUSP, Flagstaff, and Sante Fe came together to give me new ideas for how to make this work in SW Colorado. Great insights to help improve forest/ watershed resilience!

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