What Do You Think is on the Horizon in Fire Management?

By: Michelle Medley-Daniel

Topic: Wildfire

Type: Tools / Resources

The Quadrennial Fire Review (QFR) is a strategic risk assessment conducted by the federal land management agencies and their partners every four years. The QFR is seeking input through a crowdsourcing site now through mid-April. According to the QFR brochure, “The purpose of the QFR is to forecast conditions that may present the greatest challenges for wildland fire management over the next 10 to 20 years. The QFR is designed to be forward looking and to challenge fixed assumptions in the wildland fire community.” The QFR gathers information on “significant long-term wildland fire management challenges…and projects future scenarios…for realignment of programs, strategies, capabilities and the workforce…” As FAC practitioners, you are uniquely qualified to share your insights and identify challenges.

Share Your Insights

The QFR is using a crowdsourcing platform to gather ideas and facilitate dialogue in five areas:

  • Changing climatic conditions and effects on landscapes,
  • Evolving risk in public and firefighter safety,
  • Water quality and quantity,
  • Technology and program Infrastructure, and
  •  “Wild card” issues.

Visit http://qfr.ideascale.com/ to share your insights and comment on other stakeholder’s ideas. You will have to register to comment and submit new ideas. Take 20 minutes to offer your perspective today!

To learn more about the QFR, contact:

Sandy Burnett, USFS
(202) 205-1512 sandralburnett[at]fs.fed.us

Russ Johnson, DOI
(208) 334-1564 russell_johnson[at]ios.doi.gov

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