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“We are not alone. FAC Net offers us connections to peers and thought partners, opportunities for ongoing learning, and professional development. This is critical to our success as individuals, as an organization, and as a community better living with fire.” – Elizabeth Pickett, Hawaii Fire Management Organization

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Join the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network to learn from your peers, increase your impact, and change your future with wildfire.

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Learn more about what it means to be fire adapted and the role you can play in helping your community live better with wildland fire.

Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network

People learning and working together are the foundation of fire adaptation. FAC Net invests in people and in place-based efforts to change relationships with fire. Together, we empower leaders, resource strategic action, develop tools, and create and share approaches to increase wildfire resilience. Improving fire management requires changing our culture, and FAC Net members are leading that change.

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FAC Net blog posts are written by practitioners from around the world. We feature diverse perspectives, lessons learned, successes, failures, research, and stories about many aspects of fire and community adaptation. Subscribe for weekly posts about community wildfire resilience.

 FAC Net connects people to resources and to other practitioners so they can share approaches, tailor strategies for their place, and make a difference in wildfire outcomes on-the-ground.

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