Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network


Trinidad, CA.


Our Team

FAC Net staff and advisers oversee and guide the work of the FAC Net. Our team connects members, facilitates partnerships, provides resources, designs and hosts learning events and more.

Network Staff

Michelle Medley-Daniel
FAC Network Co-Director
The Watershed Center

Wendy Fulks
Director, Fire Adapted Communities Partnerships
The Nature Conservancy

Emily Troisi
FAC Network Program Associate
The Watershed Center

Lenya Quinn-Davidson
FAC Network Special Projects Coordinator
University of California Cooperative Extension

Katie Van Pelt
Grants and Agreements Specialist
The Watershed Center

Allison Jolley
FAC Network Communications Manager
The Watershed Center

Advisers and Researchers

Nick Goulette
Executive Director
The Watershed Center

Timothy Melchert
Cooperative Fire Specialist
USDA Forest Service

Pam Leschak
WUI/FAC Program Manager
USDA Forest Service

Dr. Sarah M. McCaffrey
Research Social Scientist
Rocky Mountain Research Station, USDA Forest Service

Dr. Bruce Evan Goldstein
Associate Professor
University of Colorado, Boulder