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This page contains information about the process of applying to FAC Net, what to expect and membership limitations. Please read this page in full before applying.

Why Join?

FAC Net is a widely respected leader in the fire adaptation sector. Members describe the network as their “number one resource” for connections and professional development in fire resilience.

“This was my first year in the FAC Net community. It was instrumental in creating my programs locally.” – FAC Net Affiliate Member

Join FAC Net as an affiliate member to:

  • Connect with others working on fire resilience;
  • Access additional resources and tools not publicly available;
  • Communicate with national leaders, program staff and decision-makers; 
  • Learn from others through webinars, peer-to-peer sharing and staff support; and
  • Gain access to member-only opportunities, such as special project funds and more.

This is the best forum to receive new FAC information in the country.” – FAC Net Affiliate Member

How to Apply?

Apply to become an Affiliate Member of FAC Net. Affiliate Members can connect with other FAC practitioners through our internal networking space. To apply simply click on the green button below to be taken to our application form. Affiliate membership is free and is only open to active community wildfire resilience practitioners. By that, we mean: people who through their jobs or individual passion, are working to advance this work in their communities, at a scale beyond their own personal or family preparedness.

To expedite the profile approval process, please fully complete all fields in the application form. This form is designed to give FAC Net information about who you are and the types of wildfire resilience work you do. Please make sure to thoroughly describe your fire adaptation work. The more we know about you and your work, the better able we are to connect you with other practitioners, resources and opportunities. Partially completed applications will not be approved. Approved applicants will recieve a welcome email with further information. 

Applications take 1-3 weeks to process depending on the volume of applications we are receiving. Thanks for your interest and patience!

Member Expectations:

  • Attend at least one webinar or participate in a learning opportunity each year.
  • Participate (by liking, sharing, or posting) in our collaborative online workspace at least once every quarter.
  • Commit to creating a safe and open learning environment where everyone is a teacher and a learner, regardless of position, power or years of experience. 
  • Operate in a manner that is respectful of each person’s identity. FAC Net is inclusive of all races, genders, abilities and identities. We honor people’s lived experiences and identities. 
  • Be open to other perspectives, and tolerant of ideas different from your own. In order to move community resilience forward, we need to be able to discuss difficult topics and  wildfire-adjacent topics. For example, diversity, equity, inclusion and justice are critical to community resilience and must be woven into our approaches to fire adaptation.
  • Communicate in respectful ways. Abusive, threatening, harassing or intimidating language or actions will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the network.

 Membership Limitations

  • We are currently accepting international (non-US) practitioners for limited membership. Our current funding limits some of the benefits we are able to offer to non-US based practitioners, but we would love to learn from and with you, regardless of where you live!
  • Vendors and other commercial entities are ineligible for membership. If you are a contractor or consultant working on community-scale fire adaptation work, you are welcome to apply. We do not allow advertising or solicitation in our network forums. The purpose of our network spaces are shared learning between peers. People selling mitigation services or sprinkler systems are ineligible.
  • Membership in FAC Net is for fire adapted community practitioners, and not for individual homeowners or residents looking for resources. If you are looking for local help, for example, with a home assessment or project work in your neighborhood, please reach out to a practitioner near you. Or, check out tools and resources like Firewise USA.

Are you looking to follow FAC Net’s blog or newsletter? Subscribe here to receive information from our channels. Affiliate membership is for people who want to actively connect with other fire adaptation practitioners. Please do not submit an application if you are only interested in subscribing to the blog or newsletter.

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