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Even though fire often appears to burn all of an area’s vegetation, new life emerges. Could community capacity also be hidden, just waiting to flourish? Credit: Bob Wick, Bureau of Land Management via Flickr Creative Commons

Topic: Collaboration Monitoring / Assessment Wildfire recovery Type: Essay

Community Magic: Community-Based Asset Mapping Establishes New Connections for Fire Adaptation

Jana Carp, Jana Carp Consulting

Jana Carp is a fourth-generation resident of northern California. She taught urban planning and community development at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina from 1999-2012, where she involved students in asset-based community… Read More

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  1. Matthew Ward manages the Flat Ranch Preserve in Idaho. His job has more of a fire adaptation focus than you might think. Credit: Matthew Ward

    Topic: Collaboration Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire Type: Interview

    Ranch Management with a Fire Adaptation Twist: A Day in the Life with Matthew Ward

    Island Park Sustainable Fire Community

    Has FAC always been a part of your job? No. In 2012, I moved to Idaho to manage the Flat Ranch Preserve. At that time, the Idaho Chapter of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) was not involved in collaborative forest restoration, nor did we have a… Read More

  2. Peg Dawson, property owner in Eagle's Nest Township, getting ready for a chipper event. Credit: Gloria Erickson, Dovetail Partners, Inc.

    Topic: Evacuation outreach/planning Type: Success Story / Lessons Learned

    Evacuation Planning — What Does It Take to Get a Community Started?

    Gloria Erickson Dovetail Partners, Inc

    Does every community need an evacuation plan? What does it take for a community to ask this question? Must there be a fire, a flood or some other disaster to trigger action? Or is common sense enough to motivate a community to create a plan before… Read More

  3. During the Arizona WUI summit, Arizona's Firewise Communities were recognized with awards. Credit: Anne Mottek, Greater Flagstaff Forests Partnership

    Topic: Meetings / Events Type: Meeting / Event

    FAC: A Common Theme at the Arizona Wildland-Urban Interface Summit

    Anne Mottek Greater Flagstaff Forests Partnership

    Fire adapted communities was a common theme during the recent Wildland-Urban Interface – Living with Wildfire in Arizona Summit. FAC principles were embedded in the opening remarks, presentations, display booths, and even in the evening mixer and… Read More

  4. FAC Net member Frank Riley hosted the Southern Blue Ridge Fire Learning Network met last month to discuss their recent wildfire season and plans for moving forward. Credit: Avery Lennard, The Nature Conservancy

    Topic: Collaboration Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire Learning networks Wildfire Type: Meeting / Event

    Community Wildfire Adaptation: North Georgia-Style

    Wendy Fulks

    Did you know they have federally listed endangered green pitcher plants in the mountains of north Georgia? Me neither. I learned this (and got to see some of these carnivorous plants) while participating in the 12th annual Southern Blue Ridge… Read More

  5. In response to a damaging fire, the White Swan community began investing in fire resilient initiatives, like chipping days. Credit: Andy Babcock, Yakima County Fire District 5

    Topic: Defensible space / Firewise Wildfire recovery Type: Success Story / Lessons Learned

    Collaboration in Action: Building Resilience in White Swan

    Kirstin Taggart, Washington Resource Conservation and Development Council, with assistance from Gary Peters, Yakama Nation Fire Management and Andy Babcock, Yakima County Fire District 5

    “White Swan is a small community on the Yakama Nation in south central Washington State. It is considered a major population center on the Yakama reservation and is categorized as being high fire risk. The immediate landscape is a mix between… Read More

  6. Island Park Sustainable Fire Community recently used a Simtable modelling excercise to motivate and engage local residents. Credit: Simtable

    Topic: Communications / Outreach Wildfire Type: Success Story / Lessons Learned

    Best Way to Get a Resident’s Attention: Burn Down Their Home (Through a Wildfire Simulation, Of Course)

    Liz Davy Island Park Sustainable Fire Community

    “WILDFIRE burns through Island Park community.” That would have been the next morning’s headlines had Island Park Sustainable Fire Community’s sandtable wildfire simulation been real. This exercise was part of a recent workshop that kicked… Read More

  7. Prescribed fire is a promising tool when it comes to the control of medusahead, an invasive grass. Credit: Lenya Quinn-Davidson, Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network

    Topic: Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire Type: Essay

    Science Tuesday: Burning the Late Bloomers

    Lenya Quinn-Davidson

    The first thing I did at work last Thursday was smash my ring finger in the door of a truck. I got out to open a gate, and my finger decided to stay with the door as I slammed it shut with my other hand. I didn’t know it was possible for a door to… Read More

  8. Alison Lerch at Ashland's 6th Annual Firewise Clean-Up Day. Credit: Alison Lerch, Ashland Fire and Rescue

    Topic: Communications / Outreach CWPPs Defensible space / Firewise Type: Interview

    One City’s Lifeline for All Things FAC: A Day in the Life with Alison Lerch

    Alison Lerch

    When you get to work on Monday morning, what are your top priorities for the week? I spend my first hour addressing any pressing things that have come up over the weekend. I try to meet with at least one of Ashland’s 25 Firewise Communities each… Read More

  9. Earlier this month, FAC Net members and their communities increased their wildfire resilience by participating in National Community Wildfire Preparedness Day. Credit: Pam Wilson, FireWise of Southwest Colorado

    Topic: Defensible space / Firewise Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire Preparedness Type: Success Story / Lessons Learned

    Wildfire Community Preparedness Day 2017: What Happened?

    Allison Jolley

    May 6th marked the 4th annual National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day (Prep Day). The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is a primary catalyst of this event each year; through State Farm, they provide $500 grants for community events… Read More

  10. Prescribed Fire Training Exchanges (TREX) are one of the many ways that the PERFACT partnership advances integrated wildfire management. Credit: Lenya Quinn-Davidson, Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network

    Topic: Collaboration Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire Wildfire Type: Essay

    PERFACT – More than a Creative Acronym; A Project Advancing Integrated Fire Management

    Nick Goulette

    PERFACT stands for “Promoting Ecosystem Resilience and Fire Adapted Communities Together.” While it’s a long and perhaps obscure acronym, the partnership’s components will be familiar to many in the fire world. The Fire Learning Network… Read More

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