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Champion better fire outcomes for people and nature. 

Your contribution supports the work of fire resilience leaders from communities across the United States. From the pine barrens in New Jersey to the islands of Hawaii, FAC Net brings people together from coast to coast to learn, act and adapt for better fire futures.

Your gift supports the grassroots leaders who are changing how we live with fire. Your donation enables us to:

  • Create learning forums for practitioners
  • Make monetary awards in support of on-the-ground projects
  • Offer professional development in diversity, equity, inclusion and justice skills, and leadership training
  • Convene partners to develop local strategies 
  • Provide coaching and mentoring

Our fiscal agent The Watershed Center is the processor for all our donations. CLICK HERE to be taken to their secure donation site where you can stipulate your donation be directed to FAC Net. 

Thank you for your support! Fire is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be a disaster. Your gift supports the adaptation and preparedness work of community-based leaders who are reimagining their communities’ relationships with fire. Your support helps us keep people and infrastructure safe; bring fire process back to fire-adapted ecosystems; create fire management jobs; organize neighbors to build resilience; and work with marginalized and vulnerable populations to create a better future with fire. 

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