The Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network created the FAC Graphic a few years ago to help explain the concept of fire adapted communities. We needed to account for the fact that fire adaptation work is in constant evolution as community context changes. We also needed to be able to show the diversity of activities that communities undertake as they work to better live with wildland fire. The FAC Graphic was designed based on the experiences of the communities the network supported but in no way was comprehensive! Fast forward a few years, and we are excited to launch several new and updated resources that we hope will continue to help practitioners as they work to become more fire adapted.

We have updated the FAC Graphic based on feedback and input from network members and partners. You will now see Prevention as well as Infrastructure & Business with their own categories (teal inner ring), and a new facilitator’s guide as well. You can download the graphic in .png format and read the facilitator’s guide here

Please let us know how you use the graphic by sending us an email! Find yourself explaining a concept and looking for graphics, talking points or materials? Let us know. We use input from the field to create resources for practitioners.  

Blogs and Resources Organized Around the New Graphic 

  • Updated Newsletter! Our newsletter, the FAC Circular (formerly known as the Net Weaver), was on pause as we took some time to reimagine its form and function. This resource is back in a streamlined, thematically organized monthly package! Each month we’ll focus on one of the topics from the recently updated Fire Adapted Communities Graphic. Access curated content created by practitioners like you, resources and tools to support your work and inspiration to keep going–all in a compact, easy to read format. Sign up below! 

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  • Refreshed Blog. Based on evaluations and reader feedback, we know practitioners use our blog to find ideas and learn more about what FAC work looks like in different communities. We have re-organized the blog topics (again, correlated to the new FAC Graphic) to make it easier to search for the stories you care about most. Use the “filter topics” dropdown to search by topic or blog type. We produce weekly content, so make sure you subscribe to our weekly blog updates (different mailing list than above) so you never miss a story!

  • Expanding Resource Library. We have several projects in the works creating resources that you can use in your fire adaptation work. From free graphics, to videos, to an updated FAC SAT (coming soon!), we formatted the resource page categories on our new website similarly to the blog to make it easier to find the resources you are looking for. Use the dropdowns to sort by topic or type. Some of our resources are available in Spanish as well (stay tuned for an expanded selection soon).

 To all of the readers who gave us feedback on the blog and newsletter: Thank you! We look forward to bringing you diverse fire adaptation stories, lessons and how-to’s in the coming months and years. To the Network members who helped update the graphic: We have the utmost respect for your knowledge and experience. Thank you for pushing this field forward! 

FAC Net is built on a foundation of practitioner knowledge and sharing. It is the generosity of people like you–sharing your ideas, stories and solutions that will propel us all forward. Do you have input or ideas? We want to hear it!

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