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  1. The Washington Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network just released an animated video illustrating what FAC looks like. Check it out!

    Topic: Communications / Outreach Type: Tools / Resources

    New 5-Minute Video! What is a Fire Adapted Community? Meet Fred and Find Out.

    Allison Jolley

    Need a quick and clever way to explain community wildfire resilience? Searching for a relatable illustration of community wildfire adaptation? The Washington Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network just released an animated video that fills that… Read More

  2. Learn about the collaboration that generated Salt Lake City's Community Wildfire Protection Plan. Credit: Garrett via Flickr Creative Commons

    Topic: Collaboration CWPPs Type: Success Story / Lessons Learned

    How Salt Lake City’s Community Wildfire Protection Plan Generated Action in Less Than a Year

    Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands

    May 22, 2017 marked a significant date for us in the Wasatch Front. Salt Lake City, Utah’s state capital and largest wildland-urban interface, completed its Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP). This is the biggest CWPP that the Utah… Read More

  3. Hear how West Metro Fire Rescue increased their labor capacity to accomplish a residential fuels reduction project. Credit: Steve Orr, West Metro Fire Rescue

    Topic: Collaboration Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire Type: Success Story / Lessons Learned

    Overcoming Capacity Barriers to Fuels Reduction Projects

    Steve Orr

    West Metro Fire Rescue completed a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) in 2007. We have been actively engaged in community outreach and education since then, but fuels reduction projects have been limited by capacity and funding. Two… Read More

  4. Partners gather in the field to look at watershed treatments in northern New Mexico. Credit: Esmé Cadiente, Forest Stewards Guild

    Topic: Collaboration Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire Type: Essay

    Fantastic Failure! Multi-Jurisdictional NEPA: Big Dreams Take Time

    Eytan Krasilovsky, Forest Stewards Guild

    Editor’s note: FAC Net sends our deepest condolences to those suffering losses, including the lives of loved ones, from the recent wildfires. I encourage everyone to be naive and optimistic; hey, it worked for me. It all started back in 2005 with a… Read More

  5. Learn what last spring's national prescribed fire outreach assessment discovered, get a sneak peak of the resources it revealed, and find out what to expect next. Credit: Jennifer Fawcett, North Carolina State University Extension

    Topic: Communications / Outreach Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire Type: Tools / Resources

    Prescribed Fire Outreach Assessment — The Verdict Is In

    Jennifer Fawcett

    As members of the fire community, we often talk about the need for more prescribed fire. But, are we prepared for everything that goes along with it? It might seem obvious that prescribed fire use comes with a need for prescribed fire outreach.… Read More

  6. "I was curious what my colleagues thought and asked, 'What do you think the role of private lands is in moving the needle on public acceptance of fire management?' The answer surprised me. And it got me thinking." Photo credit: Adam Troman via Flickr Creative Commons

    Topic: Collaboration Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire Type: Essay

    The Power of Private Lands

    Emily Hohman

    A while back I was walking through a recently completed prescribed burn unit with some colleagues who represented a variety of conservation entities. We were admiring the results — open forest conditions, widely spaced trees — but we were also… Read More

  7. Discover the tool that over 80 communities used to assess their community wildfire resilience progress and identify what they should work on next. Credit: Liz Rank, The Nature Conservancy

    Topic: Monitoring / Assessment Planning Wildfire risk assessment Type: Tools / Resources

    Facilitating Dialogue in Communities: Using the FAC Self-Assessment Tool

    Emily Troisi

    “[This tool] determined the need for increased public outreach and a central contact during incidents. One year later, a new emergency manager independently reached the same conclusion. Synchronicity?” Have you ever wondered if there is a… Read More

  8. Florida Forest Service rangers doing door-to-door outreach to homeowners as part of the Ready, Set, Go! initiative. Credit: Florida Forest Service, Withlacoochee Forestry Center

    Topic: Evacuation outreach/planning Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire Planning Type: Interview

    Getting Outreach Right, the NASF’s Priorities, and the Evolution of Wildfire Risk Mapping: An Interview with John Fish

    Florida Forest Service

    What are you and the Florida Forest Service doing to help communities live with wildfire? Wildfire is a reality in Florida. During an average fire year, we experience more than 3,000 wildfires that burn more than 163,500 acres. Approximately… Read More

  9. Wildfire smoke has an intense relationship with air quality and human health. But what about its relationship with temperature and fire severity? Credit: USDA Forest Service via Flickr Creative Commons

    Topic: Wildfire Type: Research Synthesis

    Science Tuesday: Going Nuclear

    Lenya Quinn-Davidson

    On Labor Day weekend, my friends and I canceled a vacation rental on the Trinity River because of the heat and smoke. It was predicted to be 112 degrees inland that weekend, and we figured we’d be crazy to subject ourselves (and our posse of… Read More

  10. In 2014, The Nature Conservancy launched the Rio Grande Water Fund to create more drought- and fire-resilient forests in north-central New Mexico. Credit: Alan Eckert

    Topic: Collaboration Watershed protection / management Type: Success Story / Lessons Learned

    Fire and Water are Linked in New Mexico

    ​ Anne Bradley, The Nature Conservancy

    The Fire that Called Us to Action In 2011, the Las Conchas Fire burned 156,000 acres in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico. At the time, it was the largest forest fire in New Mexico history. We are used to fire in New Mexico, but the Las Conchas… Read More

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