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  1. Ashland, OR and the Rogue Valley. Photo by Mackenzie Cooper courtesy of Unsplash.

    A Breath of Fresh Air: The City of Ashland’s Air Purifier Pilot Program

    By: Chris Chambers, Katie Gibble, Sara Jones

    Editor’s Note: These three authors are staff of the Ashland Fire and Rescue Wildfire Division (City of Ashland, OR). This blog was written prior to the Almeda Fire that has… Read More

    Topic: Collaboration Preparedness Smoke

    Type: Success Story / Lessons Learned

  2. Rangeland in Lemhi County, Idaho. Photo by Katie Wollstein.

    Outcome-based Management for Western Rangelands: Using Experience & Need to Help Manage for Fire

    By: Katie Wollstein

    Editor’s Note: FAC Net staff would like to acknowledge the many people and their communities experiencing losses and severe wildfire and smoke impacts. We will continue to… Read More

    Topic: Collaboration Wildfire

    Type: Research Synthesis

  3. Autumn is a perfect time to delve into a good book. Photo by Canva Creative Commons.

    FAC Net’s First Book Club: Tools for Anxiety for Fire Adaptation Practitioners

    By: Michelle Medley-Daniel

    Author’s note: I am extremely grateful to Dr. Sarah Ray, and to all of the book club participants, for sharing their time, attention and insights. The opportunity to learn… Read More

    Topic: Climate change Equity/Inclusion Meetings / Events Resilience

    Type: Meeting / Event Tools / Resources

  4. Will on a Klamath TREX burn in 2018. Photo by Shilo Springstead.

    Of Fire and Myth: Will Harling, Bigfoot and the Power of Place

    By: Lenya Quinn-Davidson

    Editors’ Note: This blog features a focus on our past blog author, Will Harling. Will’s recent Firehawk Blog spoke to his work in prescribed fires and letting the land… Read More

    Topic: Collaboration Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire

    Type: Essay

  5. A fire danger rating sign. Photo courtesy of Canva Creative Commons.

    From the Bottom Up: Oregon’s Investment in Fire Adaptation (An Interview with Carrie Berger)

    By: Carrie Berger

    Editor’s Note:  FAC Net’s Annie Schmidt had the opportunity to interview Carrie Berger, Fire Program Manager for the new Forestry & Natural Resources Extension Fire… Read More

    Topic: Communications / Outreach Local workforce capacity Preparedness Resilience

    Type: Interview

  6. The Land Makes it Right: Reframing Our Ideas About When Burning is Possible

    By: Will Harling

    Editor’s Note: This is the second blog in our Project Firehawk series. The title refers to a cohort of Australian birds, known as Firehawks, who carry fire in their beaks to… Read More

    Topic: Collaboration Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire Traditional Ecological Knowledge Watershed protection / management

    Type: Firehawk Series

  7. KFACC members work through the collaborative process in October 2019.

    What Comes First — Collaborative Mapping or Mapping Collaboration?

    By: Rose Shriner

    Editor’s Note: Standing around the hood of a truck pouring over a map has long been acknowledged as a powerful collaborative moment. But how can we take that moment and plan… Read More

    Topic: Collaboration Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire Planning Watershed protection / management

    Type: Success Story / Lessons Learned

  8. “School’s Out, Now What?” Activity Guides, Wildfire Education, & Go Bag Activities for the Whole Family

    By: Jessica Sabine Brothers

    “School’s out, now what?” seems to be a common question for many parents these days as summer is in full-swing and physical distancing practices continue across the… Read More

    Topic: Evacuation outreach/planning Planning Preparedness

    Type: Tools / Resources

  9. Let’s Put the Cart *After* the Horse: California’s Forest and Fire Capacities Needs Assessment

    By: Allison Jolley, Emily Jane Davis Nick Goulette

    Author’s note: I hope that this blog finds you and your loved ones safe and relatively well. I originally wrote this post before both the COVID-19 pandemic and the uprising… Read More

    Topic: Collaboration Local workforce capacity Monitoring / Assessment Wildfire risk assessment

    Type: Research Synthesis

  10. Getting Creative with Workshops and Meetings

    How Some Communities are Adapting their FAC Work to a Virtual World: Getting Creative with Workshops and Meetings

    Emily Troisi

    The onset of COVID-19 triggered a wave of adaptation. Wildfire practitioners across the country adjusted to working, meeting and educating remotely. Knowing that wildfires do… Read More

    Topic: Learning networks Meetings / Events

    Type: Best Practices Meeting / Event

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