FAC-ID-IslandPkIn preparation for our annual workshop next week, FAC Network participants shared information about what they are looking forward to working on in the coming year. Liz Rank of the Fire Learning Network transformed their ideas into a series of posters that we’ll use during a session at the meeting to help us learn more about each other’s work.

Check out some of the highlights that Network participants have planned for the coming months:

Using Outreach Tools and FAC Programs:
  • We will be encouraging the use of technology to expand Fire Safe Council and Fire Adapted Com­munities programs in California, highlighting social media/web­site development for outreach and education; online programs for tracking projects, volunteer hours, accomplishments; and mapping of projects for inclu­sion in statewide GIS programs. We’ll also be facilitating mentor­ing opportunities by connecting communities and Fire Safe Coun­cils across the state through one-on-one introductions as well as online sharing of success stories and Best Practices through CFSC website. – California Fire Safe Council
  • We are very excited about getting more community involvement in Firewise, Ready, Set, Go!, and FAC principles, and spreading this message through multiple avenues. We also want to bring together all Ada County stakeholders on a more frequent basis, to share ideas and coordi­nate projects. – Boise Fire Department
  • We’ll be taking the CWPP, Firewise and Ready, Set, Go! programs and combining them under a single Fire Safety Council at the municipal level, and will be working with Sustainable Jersey to estab­lish a certification program. – Mercer County Soil Conservation District
Conducting On-the-Ground Treatment:
  • We will be treating over 1,000 acres in 2014 and continuing to spread the word about FAC. – Coalition for the Upper South Platte
  • We have a wide range of actions planned for this year: We’re go­ing to start work on some dem­onstration properties in different subdivisions. We will have two outreach representatives who will be handing out information to homeowners and setting up home evaluations for those that are interested. We will also be hosting some slash days in Sep­tember, as well as Fire Awareness Week events that include games, food, speakers and giveaways. – Island Park Sustainable Fire Community
  • Moving forward with integrated fire management projects will allow us to establish a process for implementing collaboratively-developed treatments. This will in­crease opportunities for building trust and expand the scope and scale of restoration actions. – Karuk Tribe and Mid-Klamath Watershed Council
Building Partnerships:
  • We are very excited about the prospect of working with some of our local Conservation Districts, and others, on more targeted criti­cal areas like watersheds. — FireWise of Southwest Colorado
  • We’re looking forward to conven­ing peer-to-peer learning sessions and bringing those interested in becoming more fire adapted to­gether with those who’ve already made progress in that direction, so that techniques and practices can be shared and replicated. – Forest Guild
  • We will be participating in the development of the Austin Fire Department wildfire pre-planning, evacuation and structural triage program as it creates an oppor­tunity for firefighter and com­munity interaction. It will also serve to bridge the gap between land managers and firefighters by facilitating discussions about the best strategies for addressing natural resource concerns. – Austin/Travis County Wildfire Cooperative

How does your community plan to address fire resilience over the coming year?

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