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14 Community Wildfire Preparedness Ideas at Your Fingertips.

By: Allison Jolley

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So, you keep hearing buzz about Prep Day, but aren’t sure what to do for it in your community. (Remind me, what does Prep Day stand for? Oh, that’s right, National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day.)

First things first — you can do something for more than one day, if you want to. The National Fire Protection Association’s Prep Day is officially scheduled for May 4, 2019. However, if it sounds too hard to fit all of your Prep Day ambitions into one day, good news: some communities celebrate Prep Day for an entire week or month.

OK, so length and timing are cleared up, but that still leaves the what.

Check out the detailed list of project ideas below for inspiration and direction regarding potential projects to do with your community. In addition to project overviews, the list provides information about costs, equipment, planning needs, etc. Each project also has a FAC Net point of contact listed, should you want additional information.

Want to print or download the project list above? Access it from our resources section.

Not sure which project to choose? Take this four-question quiz for a recommendation tailored to your budget, audience and desired outcome.

Once you have a project in mind, be sure to download NFPA’s Prep Day toolkit (PDF, 2.21MB), full of checklists, templates for outreach materials and more.


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4 thoughts on “14 Community Wildfire Preparedness Ideas at Your Fingertips.”

  1. Faith Berry says:

    Thank you for sharing information about participating on Wildfire Community Preparedness Day May 4th this year, the deadline for project applications and the toolkit!

  2. Katie Gibble says:

    Thanks for sharing! That project list is full of ideas I hope to put to use, especially the WUI Checkpoint – what a great idea!

    Reflecting on one of the Prep Day Menu items – The Wasatch Front Fire Adapted Communities Coalition recently hosted a “Science of Fire”-type activity where our Area Forester gave a presentation about the impact of Balsam Woolly Adelgid (BWA) on sub-alpine fir and it’s potential impacts on wildfire threat. The forester brought in samples of branches of sub-alpine fir that were and were not infested with BWA. The hands-on nature of the activity empowered the coalition members to spot BWA in the forest on their own, and there was a lot of motivation to keep the conversation rolling after the meeting – knowledge is power!

    1. Allison Jolley says:

      That’s great to hear about your BWA example, Katie! It’s a great reminder of the power of kinesthetic learning, and wonderful to hear that it inspired your target audience to take additional action.

  3. Liz Davy says:

    Great Ideas. I was thinking we in Island Park would not be able to participate as we will still be under snow, but some great ideas such as handing out materials at the entrance to a subdivision. Or have a night for businesses as we kick off our Business are you prepared for wildfire effort. Thank you

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