Editor’s note: Annie Leverich is FAC Net’s Communications and Membership Coordinator. She began her role in January 2022, and has since enjoyed stewarding the FAC Net blog calendar – working with a variety of authors that bring their unique perspectives and stories to this blog. Annie also works with FAC Net’s sister networks (Fire Learning Network, Indigenous Peoples Burning Network, and the TREX Coaches Network) to highlight and promote content that represents an even wider range of fire practitioner experiences. In this blog, Annie introduces this year’s FAC Net Reader Survey, an effort to get your thoughts and feedback about FAC Net’s channels and beyond.


FAC Net’s last reader survey was in the spring of 2021, and we learned so much from your responses and feedback. Many of you found value in the variety of stories we offer – be it a success story, or a thought essay, or a how-to guide for engaging residents. We heard your interest in reading about experiences across the country and beyond, so that readers could learn something new about different geographic areas and see their place-based work represented, too.

Since our last reader survey, we’ve been using  your feedback and ideas to shape the content of the weekly blog, monthly newsletter (the FAC Circular), and social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Twitter). It’s now time we seek your feedback again in an effort to keep our content relevant to our readers’ interests. FAC Net’s communication efforts have always kept community at the heart – a constant you can expect to see in everything we put out. Since community can look so many different ways – and represent many different things – we need your input to help us steer these community-centered conversations in helpful directions.


Image with text reading: "Click Here to Access the 2023 Reader Survey" and FAC Net's Logo


The 2023 FAC Net Reader Survey is a nine-question form and takes just 5-7 minutes to complete. If FAC Net is a place you look to for practitioner- and community-focused fire adaptation stories, take this opportunity to provide your feedback so we can continue to center content you care about!

We are always happy to hear from prospective authors interested in featuring their story on our blog. You do not need to be a formal FAC Net member to write for us! Check out our Blog Pitch Form to learn more about submission ideas and details.