Adjusting to Our Changing Realities

By: Michelle Medley-Daniel

Topic: Communications / Outreach

Type: Impact Story

We are all experiencing the impacts of COVID-19. In some communities, folks are dealing with mandatory shelter-in-place rules, many schools have closed and our lives are generally upended.  We all have a lot to process and adjust to right now. Our blog authors are dealing with these same changes and uncertainties. For this reason, we will be reducing the posting rate on this blog in the near-term.

As COVID-19 reaches further into our lives, we as a global community are going to need to identify and invest in pathways to resilience. In the immediate future, this means making time and space to adjust to the changing realities we are faced with. FAC Net staff are working to make sense of how these changes will impact our shared work, including this blog. We know that stories of adaptation and resilience have been, and will continue to be, incredibly valuable and we look forward to bringing that content to you in the future.

Please let us know what you would like to see published on this blog in the coming weeks. Is there a topic that would be particularly valuable to you right now? Let us know by commenting on this post. Our individual and collective flexibility and resilience is being called on. We look forward to connecting with you in the days and weeks to come and send each of you our best. Please take care of yourselves and each other.

The FAC Net Staff


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8 thoughts on “Adjusting to Our Changing Realities”

  1. Sam Berry says:


    I’d love to see a blog about how people are changing their programs and adapting to Covid, and how they are tactfully messaging that fire season is still coming even though everything else has changed. I know we’re struggling through those problems right now, and the power of the blog has always been to shed light on those things.
    I also understand that people might struggle to prioritize blog writing right too.
    Thanks for everything you all do!!!

  2. Teresa Rigby says:

    Hi there – I’m wondering whether anyone has examples of good collaborative work that occurred remotely through technology. How did they do it and what recommendations do they have? Building CWPPs, staying connected remotely but still producing outcomes. That kind of thing.

  3. Vicki Chase says:

    Thank you for the post. Our community is required to shelter in place however walking, hiking and outdoor activities that honor the social distancing guidelines are allowed. Since we don’t know the timing of this, and we did receive community funding, I am hoping the “curve” starts to drop and we can still do our project but on a smaller scale as far as human involvement is concerned. We are planning to still mitigate at least 1 or 2 properties for seniors who cannot afford or physically do the work themsselves. I imagine, we will still be able to do this. Thanks and be well.

  4. Gord Chipman says:

    It is interesting the common reactions that the general public are displaying. Very similar to a Wildfire bearing down on the community of Williams Lake in 2017. The panic buying, the stress levels, the hoarding. It is all concerning but I hope over time we will all become more prepared to deal with conditions that uproot our lives like fires do. Like wildfires, the virus pandemic has been predicted and many would say was long overdue.

    We will get through this and with facts and calm minds we will survive.

    Good Luck FAC Net Staff. Thank you for all that you do.
    Stay healthy !

    Gord from Williams Lake, British Columbia.

  5. TERRY LAWHEAD says:

    My area in southeast Washington experienced severe flooding and as a consequence numerous trails were damaged and are closed for summer access to the higher elevations. Volunteers are working locally to work on the trails, in collaboration with federal and state natural resource agencies, but ever greater collaboration and awareness for new partnerships are going to be required. Perhaps one of the better responses to Covid 19 is heightened awareness of systems needs–the entire community, etc–and this might be an opportunity for greater camaraderie among diverse groups. Any illuminations on other places rising to the challenge of social isolation versus continuing to connect in creative perhaps unprecedented ways would be welcome and appreciated. Thank you for your continued outstanding contributions.

  6. Kelley Galownia says:

    In response to Teresa’s comment about collaborative work using technology, the Women-in-Fire Prescribed Fire Training Exchange (WTREX) event, originally scheduled for March 30 – April 10 in Southeast Virginia, is now happening virtually. The in-person training is being postponed until 2021, but participants are invited to participate in closed sessions using video conferencing services. If this is something you’re interested in exploring more and writing about, please contact me via email. There’s a really good story here, even if it doesn’t offer as many great visuals as a field experience would. 🙂 Happy to talk about this more!

  7. Jessica Sabine Brothers says:

    Thank you for your suggestion, ALL! These will all be helpful as we work to plan some relevant blogs for this community!

  8. I’m curious if communities (especially those near wilderness/public land used for recreation) are planning for increased use (and thus potential ignitions) due to social distancing/isolation. Wildland fire response will be incredibly complicated this season and some community preparation beyond the norm could help.

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