We are all experiencing the impacts of COVID-19. In some communities, folks are dealing with mandatory shelter-in-place rules, many schools have closed and our lives are generally upended.  We all have a lot to process and adjust to right now. Our blog authors are dealing with these same changes and uncertainties. For this reason, we will be reducing the posting rate on this blog in the near-term.

As COVID-19 reaches further into our lives, we as a global community are going to need to identify and invest in pathways to resilience. In the immediate future, this means making time and space to adjust to the changing realities we are faced with. FAC Net staff are working to make sense of how these changes will impact our shared work, including this blog. We know that stories of adaptation and resilience have been, and will continue to be, incredibly valuable and we look forward to bringing that content to you in the future.

Please let us know what you would like to see published on this blog in the coming weeks. Is there a topic that would be particularly valuable to you right now? Let us know by commenting on this post. Our individual and collective flexibility and resilience is being called on. We look forward to connecting with you in the days and weeks to come and send each of you our best. Please take care of yourselves and each other.

The FAC Net Staff

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