FAC Net, along with the other Fire Networks—the Fire Learning Network (FLN), Prescribed Fire Training Exchanges (TREX), and the Indigenous Peoples Burning Network (IPBN)—is supported by a cooperative agreement with the USDA Forest Service and the Department of the Interior. Under the agreement (Promoting Ecosystem Resilience and Fire Adapted Communities Together, or PERFACT) the Fire Networks collaborate to strengthen each other’s missions, and to promote the inclusion of more people and institutions in the world of fire management.

The range of the Fire Networks’ work is broad and varied. This week’s blog post features some highlights, captured in a semi-annual report about work under PERFACT. Click here to read more about the strategies under the PERFACT agreement, their relationship to the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy, and some of the exciting projects that the Fire Networks advanced in 2021.

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