Over the years, FAC Net has heard practitioners articulate the need for easy-to-access resources, stories, tools and graphics for anyone looking for information on fire adapted communities. FAC Net has been collecting resources and tools from partners, members, and others about each component of the FAC framework and we are excited to launch a new website designed to connect you with the resources you need to better live with fire! 

Click here to visit the new fireadapted.org!

While it is still in development (we are hard at work adding more resources, especially to the Spanish-language version of the site), we hope you will take some time to explore and send us your thoughts. All of the resources on the site link back to the original source, so you can also use the website as a way to explore new organizations, agencies, and projects around the US.


Screenshot of the fireadapted.org homepage.


There are several ways to use this site to explore resources and tools. Whether you are just beginning your fire adaptation journey or are a seasoned professional, there is something for you here! There are two main ways to approach the resources on the site.

  1. You can filter resources by the “Who is involved in community wildfire adaptation” graphic if you want to get started with resources tailored to your role. 
  2. If you are working on a specific component of the FAC framework, such as Resident Mitigation, and you want to see related resources and tools, you can filter resources by starting with the “What” graphic.  This graphic sorts resources by fire adaptation category (e.g., Prevention, Resident Mitigation, etc).  

If you are looking for something specific, you can also always use the search bar! 

It is important to note that wildfire adaptation is a whole community endeavor and is complex. No ONE graphic can ever encompass all the people involved in or all the components of wildfire adaptation work. These graphics are NOT meant to comprehensive, but are general ways to categorize this work. Some resources may overlap categories or user groups, and some might not fit neatly within any one designation. The goal is to provide some framework for practitioners looking for fire adaptation resources, knowing that no database will ever be able to entirely capture the nuance of this work. 

In addition to the main resource hub, there is also a CWPP Portal which provides a searchable database of CWPPs in the western United States. The CWPP Portal and Data Library was created and is maintained by collaborators at The Ohio State University, Portland State University, and the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network. If you notice a CWPP is out of date or is missing, use this form to submit a CWPP. 


Screenshot of an Interactive Story Map showing CWPP boundaries and dates of completion.


The goal is to make fireadapted.org a useful and ever-evolving resource for practitioners and community members. We are working to provide more resources in Spanish, additional resources on access and functional needs and disability in the disaster cycle, and more. 

Be sure to check back over the next few months for more resources and more website functionality! We hope you like it!