Over the years, we’ve seen blog authors contribute meaningfully to the conversation around how to become better prepared for smoke; be it from wildfires, prescribed burns, or other sources. Smoke can have serious implications on communities – and there are ways to help mitigate the impacts. Read on for a recap of some of the helpful resources from our blog archives!


Can Public Outreach Increase Smoke Acceptance?
A useful recap of a Joint Fire Science Program project by Eric Toman, Christine Olsen and Paige Fisher, designed to examine the “social acceptability of smoke management practices, factors influencing acceptability, and the effectiveness of different communication approaches on acceptability and beliefs.”


Wildfire Smoke Resilience Resources from the EPA
Click in for a resource-rich article from Alan Vette, with the Environmental Protection Agency, Air and Energy National Research Program. Alan covers at-risk populations, useful apps for wider audience reach, and public health-specific resources.



Smoke Adaptation is Fire Adaptation
In this blog, Allison Jolley (Regional Forest and Fire Capacity Program Director at the Watershed Center) offers insights on how to approach the presence of smoke from a public opinion level.



Fire Adapted Means Being Smoke Ready
FAC Net Associate Director Emily Troisi highlights a few on the ground examples of how communities are preparing for and dealing with smoke, along with a list of further resources.



A Breath of Fresh Air: The City of Ashland’s Air Purifier Pilot Program
Professionals from the Ashland Fire and Rescue Wildfire Division offer a step-by-step recap of their effort to distribute 500 HEPA air purifiers to smoke-vulnerable residents in the Ashland, OR area.



Gathering Smoke: Sharing Resources and Output from the Smoke Learning Group
Alison Lerch, Wildfire Mitigation Program Administrator for the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, shares some personal and professional experiences with smoke and offers a variety of resources to support practitioner work in the smoke mitigation space.


The Forest Stewards Guild’s HEPA Filter Loan Program
Sam Berry of the Forest Stewards Guild shares the firsthand success story of getting HEPA filters loaned out to community members in Santa Fe, NM, along with some lessons learned/watchouts for future program implementation.



Thank you to the many authors and voices that have contributed resources and ideas for smoke preparedness. Have more resources to share? Comment below!