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Working to reduce incoming email? We respect that. A person could spend all day in an endless volley of emails. But among the conversations with co-workers that would have been better had around the water cooler, and the much-dreaded group email chain, there may be value lurking in your inbox. 

We dug into our own inboxes to share some of the resources we peruse on a regular basis; read on to find your new favorite source for fire adaptation ideas, events and news (besides the FAC Net blog, of course). While this list may not help you reduce your emails, we hope it directs you towards a new favorite source of inspiration in your inbox.


The FLN Networker (USA)

What we love: The Networker features news and stories from FAC Net’s entire family of networks (FLN, IPBN, and TREX). The Networker is broken down into news stories by location and is full of job postings, webinars and upcoming workshops and events. And in case you don’t get enough from FAC Net, there are usually linked stories from one or two of our members as well.

Email Liz Rank at: lrank{at} to sign up for this newsletter.

Fire Science Exchange Networks (USA) 

What we love:  Keep up to date with some fantastic webinars, learning events and other resources from the Fire Science Exchange. There are several regional newsletters and resources that come out through the Exchange. Here are a few we have enjoyed recently: 

Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition (Western United States)  

What we love:  RVCC’s monthly newsletter distills important policy updates and usually contains a call-to-action, making it easy for you to engage in the policy-shaping process. It also features stories from rural communities throughout the West. This is also a very beautifully-designed newsletter; if you’re looking for layout inspiration or ideas, we recommend checking this one out!

Western Region Cohesive Strategy (Western United States) 

What we love: Looking for curated content showcasing examples of the Cohesive Strategy in action? This monthly newsletter serves up stories, events and current news. 

National Fire Protection Association (USA) 

What we love: Do you love reading about Firewise success stories, getting invites to webinars and access to useful resources about community mitigation? Then NFPA’s Firebreak newsletter might be for you! 

Science You Can Use: Rocky Mountain Research Station (Rocky Mountain Region)

What we love: Science briefings that are easy to understand and have takeaways at the end with links for more information—what’s not to love? These aren’t always about fire, but if you like useful, synthesized science, you will like these emails. 

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Similar to the national FAC Net blog, some of our state networks host their own blog to share more stories from local practitioners in their networks! The content may be specific to a local, regional or community audience, but if you are looking for on-the-ground project and program ideas, following these blogs might be just the inspiration you need for your next project. Additionally, many of our members have their own blogs. Use our map to find practitioners near you, and use the link in their profile to view their affiliated websites (if applicable). Some members have additional newsletters or resources that may match your interests or needs.

Fire Adapted Colorado (Colorado) 

What we love: Looking for something that focuses specifically on Colorado-based practitioners? FACO’s blog highlights resources, events and successes from practitioners all over the state. 

Fire Adapted New Mexico (New Mexico)

What we love: Similar to Colorado, this state-network-run blog elevates stories and events happening within New Mexico. They provide a good source of event information, resources and essays featuring the work being done throughout the state. 

Bonus - Network and Social Impact Related Resources:

Network Weaver

What we love: Since we are a bunch of network nerds over here, we love learning about other networks and how they operate. The Network Weaver also sends out free resources, highlights network leaders and keeps us connected to the wider community of network practitioners. 

Nonprofit AF

Why we love it: This weekly blog manages to navigate serious topics (organization sustainability, burn out, racism, cultural competence, power dynamics) with humor, wit, and a writing style that keeps us reading week after week. For those of you in the nonprofit sector (or who work with nonprofits) this blog is packed with provocative and useful ideas, and reminds us to “take our work seriously, but not ourselves.”

This is definitely not a complete list; we haven’t even gotten close to highlighting all of the amazing blogs and newsletters related to fire adapted communities or network building that exist out there! Do you subscribe to a blog or newsletter that could use some much-deserved praise? Share it with us by leaving a comment below with a link. And be sure to tell us why you love it! 

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