Twenty-twenty was a year of challenge and immense hardship for many people and organizations. It was a year that signaled the need for change and adaptation. In addition to the personal and societal changes people experienced, fire adaptation practitioners had to get creative and resourceful in order to keep their work on track. In response, fire adaptation leaders held virtual workshops, employed digital organizing tools and looked to bring new tools and skills to our work.

FAC Net’s weekly blog hosted posts written by practitioners and researchers covering a range of fire adapted communities practices including:

We featured authors from New Jersey, California, Oregon, Colorado, Washington and more, and we look forward to sharing more stories from practitioners and researchers in 2021.

What FAC Net is working to unveil in 2021

FAC Net has some exciting projects and updates in the works including:

  • Updated, simplified website;
  • New affiliate member application;
  • Updated FAC Graphic;
  • Additional materials and blog posts available in Spanish; and
  • Revamped FAC Self-Assessment Tool

Did you have a favorite resource, author or blog post from 2020?

  • Is there an author you would like us to bring back in 2021?
  • Is there a topic or FAC practice you’d like to learn more about?
  • Do you need a resource or tool to support your community resilience and fire adaptation work?

Let us know in the comments below! 

Happy New Year!

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